S. Mammi
"Your first 10.000 photos are your worst" - Henri Cartier Bresson.

This Blog is a 'one-year photographic-journal' collection of the pictures I took between 16th july 2011 and 15th july 2012.
I got the idea when I read the famous Bresson's dissertation on how important it is to try to find a place for photography in our everyday life. That's why I decided to post one photo/day, for one year, for a total of 366 images. My photographs are both analog and digital, colored and black&white. They tell a personal story of myself, please feel free to comment my work, I would be glad to share some opinion with you.

This Blog is also made to show my work as a photographer to those who might be interested in collaborating with me on different project.

For commissions, collaborations, opportunities or just to get in touch, please contact me by e-mail: susmammi@gmail.com.

All pictures are a copyright of Susanna Mammi. Downloading or copying any of the material of this Blog without the Author's permission is illegal.